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It can sometimes be challenging for a natural-haired girl to know exactly what styles to do to that are both cute and appropriate for school. Well we’ve got you covered! Head on over to to check out 7 cute, quick styles that will have you out the door looking fly in no time. #BackToSchool #BTS #NaturalHair #Hairstyles
That’s right! LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! September 9th marks the release of @jheneaiko’s highly anticipated album Souled Out! Visit TeenDiaries.Net to take a listen to “Spotless Mind,” the latest single from upcoming album and be prepared to set sail to the smooth sounds of Souled Out September 9th! | Written by: Jazmin, 18 (@thelyricaljaz) #JheneAiko #SouledOut #September9th #NewAlbum #NewMusic #TeenDiaries
THROWBACK THURSDAY | College Athletes have scored big on the court and in the courtroom. Recently, the O’ Bannon Ruling, which states that the NCAA cannot withhold profit from merchandise when using an athletes’ pictures, names, and likeness, was announced In favor of college athletes. College athletes will now be able to receive compensation for their dedication to their athletic program! Do you think college athletes should be paid? Visit for more info! #NCAA #Basketball #College #Football #Sports #Teen Diaries #UCLA
#WCW @kyliejenner 💙
For those looking for a way to end their summer with a bit of philosophical thinking, go to your local independent movie theater and grab tickets to see Boyhood. This film follows the same cast for twelve years, documenting how one particular boy grows up to be a young adult. Though the film does not actually record every single second of an actual family’s life, it comes pretty darn close. #boyhood #indiefilms Written by: Veronica, 16 @veronicalouisem
@tinashenow has revealed the official cover art for her debut album “Aquarius”, which drops 10.7.14 💙 #tinashe #aquarius
Hot on the heels of their incredible Artist to Watch win at the 2014 MTV VMAs, @FifthHarmony drops a new tell-it-like-it-is track! “Them Girls Be Like” keeps it ridiculously real about the world us girls live in. From feeling compelled to shamelessly take endless selfies to dealing with haters, this song is too relatable. Visit to hear Fifth Harmony’s new song! #NewMusic #FifthHarmony #GirlsBeLike #ThemGirlsBeLike
Turning heads! 💜💛💙 #Hair #HairColor #Style #naturalhair
These two-toned glasses are causing a SPEC-tacle! 💙 Thanks @TeenVogue #Glasses #style #fashion
Selena’s stylish stroll. 💙#SelenaGomez #Style #Fashion #RippedDenim #WCW

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LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN… MOVEMENT CREATES CHANGE! Help fight child obesity - and enjoy a fun workout with your peers. By doing jumping jacks to your favorite music, you’ll help raise money and awareness for child obesity month in September. Your fundraising, donations, and support helps teen girls nationwide get active! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE! Learn more at #PrettyGirlsSweat #PGS #SweatMakesCents #ChildObesity #ChildObesityMonth #GiveBack

Teen Diaries Foundation is a 501(C)3 nonprofit youth empowerment and mentoring organization established to prepare young, multicultural women for careers in journalism, as well as fight the alarming child obesity rates in the United States by making fitness fun
Afropunk, the annual free two-day music fest in Commodore Barry Park, returned to Brooklyn, NY for its tenth year. Here are four of our favorite street style looks we stalked on @Refinery29! #Afropunk #Fashion #Style #StreetStyle
DEAR TEEN DIARIES: “I am so embarrassed to admit that I am 13 years-old and never had a boyfriend or even a real kiss. It bothers me that some people at school think I’m so experienced. There are rumors circulating that I sleep around, but I just ignore the hurtful gossip because I’m ashamed of being so inexperienced at my age. I can’t let another person call me a slut or disrespect me. What should I do? - Never Been Kissed” | Visit to read our advice! #TeenDiaries #DearTD #Kiss #FirstKiss #JustinBieber #SelenaGomez
Everyone worries or gets anxious from time to time. Hectic schedules, family responsibilities, social outings, school duties… who can keep up with it all? Fluctuating and surging hormones and other developmental changes seen during adolescence and young adulthood also add to an increase in anxiety symptoms. Most people have thoughts of worry, but when symptoms last over a period of six months or more, it may be a sign of an anxiety disorder. There are several types of anxiety disorders, but in general, they all present with a marked sense of worry, even when there is little or no reason to be so concerned. Visit to learn more. #TeenDiaries #Depression #Anxiety #NaturalHair #Sunglasses