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“Fashion + Music go hand and hand. They are an amazing collaboration, and in our aesthetic we want to show how important the two are together. We thought Theophilus and Vinny are a perfect example of that. They both have great fashion sense and make amazing music.” - Coco && Breezy
As a prequel to the Copy and Paste Clothiers Spring Collection, entitled “the Supper Club: Dinner and Denim”, the brand has partnered with Coco && Breezy to launched a very limited edition Varsity Jacket for both men and women. 
OFFICIAL release/meet and greet will take place at Atrium in Soho on April 18th, 2012 from 7pm-9pm.  This will be a great opportunity for supporters, press and fans to come and be the first to see, feel, try-on and purchase these rare pieces.

(Source: cocoandbreezy)

(via cocoandbreezy)

Identical eyewear and accessory designers Coco & Breezy have launched their new collection of sunglasses today. The talented  twosome have grown from creating custom, hand-made sunnies to now  official sunglasses in their latest collection called “Rainy Days”. (READ MORE + WATCH THEIR FASHION FILM)